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Real In-depth Analysis GB Observer (3 days 22 hours ago)

Whilst Israel has built a technologically advanced country with a stable economy, and freedom prosperity and equality for all its citizens. The Islamic World is just falling into chaos, barbarity and self-destruction. Radical Islam is the political ideology which seeks to impose itself onto all others and implement Islamic law as global state law, it denies education and equal rights for women, advocates the killing of Gays, apostates and Adulterers. It is Mired in 7th century dogma and anachronistic mindset, and where Islam goes, suffering follows. The Syrians are murdering their own People with poison Gas and the Saudis’ and Iranians are at each other’s throats over their version of Islam. So tiny Israel flourishes but Mighty Islam is burning in anarchy and division from its own hate and sectarianism. Islam a Religion of Peace? Puh! THIS IS THE REAL in-depth Analysis. “Israel is here to stay, but who knows how long the Muslim world has got left before they blow themselves to oblivion

Truth from within GB Observer (3 days 22 hours ago)

Over the past several years, a series of Arab commentators have sought to explain why Israel appears so far ahead of the Arab world in medicine, politics, economics and military power. According to translations published in April 2018, the general consensus was that Israeli democracy gave the country its strength. In particular, the emphasis on the rule of law and the importance of education. Now, many Arab writers are suggesting Arab countries should start seeking to become more like Israel and called on their leaders to develop their judicial systems and a democratic form of government, to stop repressing citizens and to invest in education. Moreover, they acknowledged that Arab nations have failed in their basic responsibilities to their citizens, whereas Israel had built an advanced society and social structure based on freedom and equality for all its citizens.

Truth from within GB Observer (3 days 22 hours ago)

Reda Abd Al-Salam, a former State Governor and a lecturer at Mansoura University in Egypt, recently stated “today the Arab and Muslim people live under regimes that for decades have engaged not in developing their peoples and establishing themselves in economy, society, science and democracy, but in establishing their own archaic Sharia rule.” “During this time, the Jews have engaged in real building. They focused on education, health, economy, technology and the democratic process. What heights have the Israelis reached!” he lamented, and where is Egypt, the greatest Arab country ?, mired in anachronism! Have we education, health services or social justice? If only we would stop lying to ourselves” Al-Salam stated. To catch up with Israel, “Education is our first problem and must be our first Priority. What Egypt needs, he said, are “universities to spread enlightenment and bring us out of our ignorance and darkness into the light of science, industry and the Modern age.”

Truth always outs GB Observer (3 days 22 hours ago)

For so long truth has been ruthlessly drowned in a cacophony of fear, hate and false teachings. People have been lied to about the true history of Israel and mostly they have blindly accepted these falsities, and as a result became indifferent to the relentless suffering of the Jewish people over the last 2000 Years. False stories and conspiracy theories abounded to promote and promulgate more hatred toward Jews as justification of the Plans of those that want to steal the land. Do not believe these lies anymore!! It is time the World woke up and discovered that "Arab Palestine" is a TOTAL fabrication. The REAL facts are that Jews are the indigenous People of Israel for the last 3000 years, they have suffered wave after wave of evil and jealous attempts to strip them of their rightful Biblical homeland. Yet despite terrible adversity and conflict, Israel sends love to the World, it only wants to shed light to the Nations and Jews only wish to live in Peace in their own Land.

Turkey is evolving backward! US Observer (9 days 12 hours ago)

For 44 years now Turkey has been ignoring repeated UN resolutions to end the occupation of Cyprus and allow the refugees to return to their homes. Now Turkey runs to the UN? TURKISH HYPOCRISY AT ITS BEST.

Truth always outs GB Observer (9 days 21 hours ago)

According to the Hamas terrorist organisation 50 of the people killed in Monday’s violent riots along the Gaza border were members of the terror group. A Hamas official admitted in an interview that 50 of the Palestinians killed in clashes with Israeli security forces along the Gaza border were members of the Palestinian terrorist group. “In the last rounds of confrontations, 50 of the martyrs were Hamas. How can Hamas reap the fruits if it pays such an expensive price?” posed Hamas official Salah Bardawil in an interview with the Palestinian Baladna news outlet. The revelation that most of the protesters killed along the Gaza border were members of Hamas confirms Israeli leaders’ accounts that the Palestinian terrorist group was using opening of the U.S. Consulate in Jerusalem on Monday to score propaganda points. “This proves that Hamas are behind these riots and the branding of the riots as ‘peaceful protests’ could not be further from the truth

Christians Love Israel GB Observer (9 days 22 hours ago)

Christians From Around the World send over 2 million messages and Over 20000 Christians from around the world came to show their love on Israel’s 70th anniversary on Tuesday, blessing Israel with prayer and being blessed in return. Support for Israel is growing and growing, because people have come to realise that Israel stands for Peace, and it is only the Arabs who wish to perpetuate Violence and hatred

What a Hypocrite GB Observer (10 days 17 hours ago)

Mad Gazzan Why are you not rioting in Gazza, instead of hiding like a little coward. You should be out their Screaming Allah Achbah and firing your AK47 in the air like a rabid Dog. instead you hide behind your Keyboard like a little girl and insult Israel with your wicked little lies. what a Hypocrite

@hey dufus dont push ur luck GB Observer (10 days 22 hours ago)

Why would any rational sane person take their baby to a violent riot, where people are burning tyres, Throwing Rocks and firing Guns ? Only a SICK disgusting Jihadi thats Who !!!!! You dont even care about your own children, how callus and evil is that !

Hey Mad gazzan I DARE YOU MX Observer (11 days 3 hours ago)

FIND ME I DARE YOU MADgazzan i know you like to think that you can do anything but in reality you are Nothing but a Toilet servant

only the palirtas brought a baby MX Observer (11 days 3 hours ago)

into a warzone i know is beautiful to receive $4000.00 but 4000 reward for a baby life is not human, only plairats sale they kids to hammas for the money

WHY ISRAEL AND U.S.A MUST DIE AU Observer (11 days 8 hours ago)

Th difference between a yankee and a zionst magoot!!?? oh well there is not much the americans slaughtered the red Indians and their children and the zionst are doing the same to Palestinians children do we wonder why this evil entity in Washington is standing by these zionst maggots

hey dufus dont push ur luck AU Observer (11 days 8 hours ago)

am in oz and I know how to pin point u just like u did and threatened me on this website I can hurt u too our blood in gaza is not cheap u maggots our 9 month girls blood who died yesterday will not go in vain so just u don't say why palestinians retaliate ISRAEL WILL DIE THE WORLD WATCHED WHY

Im worried !!!! GB Observer (11 days 21 hours ago)

Dear Mad Gazzan, I am worried out you. Have you Martyred yourself yet ????? Please take this unique opportunity to fling yourself against the Gazza Border. PLEASE Dont wait or wait this chance to become a Shahid !! I would even recommend blowing yourself up EARLY just in case you only get injured and not killed !!!

Israel is our a friend and ally! US Observer (12 days 6 hours ago)

An old story that has been repeated after every Mideast conflict since the 1970's: Russians giving excuses as to why their tanks, planes, missiles etc didn't work as advertised and ended up scrap metal.

Israel Capital Jerusalem. MX Observer (12 days 10 hours ago)

One step closer to trow the muslim squatters out of the ONLY Holy Land in the Middle East. Israel Alive and Together for ever

apartheid state GB Observer (12 days 15 hours ago)

Did you know that all so called Palestinians have Jordanian Pasports,however Jordan discriminates against them and Palestinians from the west bank are denied legal equality or jobs

Its changing GB Observer (12 days 21 hours ago)

A recent meeting between Benjamin Netanyahu and Arab diplomats is indicative of the changes sweeping across the Middle East. Demonstrates diplomacy between Israel’s prime minister and prominent Emirati ambasador along with Bahrain’s ambasador, Sheikh Abdullah bin Rashed bin Abdullah Al Khalifa.sheds light on one of the worst kept secrets in the Arab world: the quiet ties between Israel and some of its Arab neighbors that are increasingly coming out in the open as they find common cause against mutual foe Iran.

oops there it is GB Observer (12 days 22 hours ago)

US Embasy moving to Jerusalem today. The acknowledged capital of the Worlds only Jewish state.

Support Israel=Support Democracy US Observer (14 days 2 hours ago)

The real villains are the Muslim governments who have kept the Palestinian people penned up in “Refugee Camps” for over 70 years. The Palestinians in the camps have been denied citizenship to the countries, and the ability to move through the societies of the “host” countries which means they don’t have access to jobs, education or hopes for a decent future. They are kept hungry and angry then told it is Israel that caused all this. The real reason is the Countries they are living in don’t want them for anything but cannon fodder and to cause trouble for Israel.

By: admin, April 27, 2009


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