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fuziama MY Observer (53 seconds ago)

Doa sentiasa mengiringimu Palestin..Doa senjata mukmin

palestine does NOT EXIST MX Observer (4 minutes 3 seconds ago)

is not in the Bible Old or New testament, Is not even on the coran, so you are worshiping a Lie JAJAJAJA Israel ,was, is, and Always will be the Jewish Land and nothing you do willlchange that hard fact jajajajajajajajajaja jaja LOSERS

hans MY Observer (8 minutes 27 seconds ago)

we support palestine

Nasyatul MY Observer (12 minutes 12 seconds ago)

Im from singapore and i support Palestine

Amira MY Observer (23 minutes 28 seconds ago)

Kami umat islam sentiasa mendoakan palestin . I'm from malaysia and i support palestin ♡

entah MY Observer (27 minutes 8 seconds ago)

Mana mat salleh yg bising hinasana hina sini semalam.Dah diam bagus..kalau x hmmm mulut tu asyik

Human being MY Observer (28 minutes 11 seconds ago)

Israel, I know not all of u are cruel. Some of them r kind, but to the bad one, how could u do that, dont u afraid of hell, being burn forever, no one could save u, being torture all the time... And to the people who haven't found the truth, ISLAM is the ONLY religion that can lead u to the HEAVEN... Please be a muslim if u wanna go to heaven... Not just be a muslim but obey ALLAH Command... I hope u will found the truth...

nurul fatihah MY Observer (28 minutes 43 seconds ago)

we islam always pray for palastine.. fisabilillah

hajar hanany MY Observer (31 minutes 12 seconds ago)

Free palestin.

mohd syafik MY Observer (41 minutes 23 seconds ago)

Israel is such an animal.israel is such a stupid country.

maria prejudice MY Observer (41 minutes 29 seconds ago)

alwayz pray for u

Garisan Langit MY Observer (44 minutes 47 seconds ago)


ac77 TH Observer (46 minutes 25 seconds ago)

hidup palastien. malaysia boleh. thailand boleh

Hamba Allah MY Observer (49 minutes 21 seconds ago)

Fully support palestine!!

ejamqays MY Observer (51 minutes 10 seconds ago)

Im from malaysia and i support palestine !

piyan MY Observer (57 minutes 5 seconds ago)

The jerusalem the palestine the dome of rock we will totally defend it. Israel didn't exist.

amree nizam MY Observer (59 minutes 40 seconds ago)


human being.. MY Observer (1 hour 3 minutes ago)


fiza MY Observer (1 hour 6 minutes ago)

The yahudi.. even your lieying all muslims peoples..but Al-quran always say you will lose in this world..just wait guys.

Siti aisyah MY Observer (1 hour 9 minutes ago)

Jgn pnggil "negara" Israel . sbb diorang xde negara pon . diorang just nk tunjuk belagak dkat negara Palestine . zionis ni dhla xde negara mnumpng pulak dkat negara org . mnumpang tu bkn dgn cara yg baik , bahkn mnghncurkn negara org . zionis mmg x mlu dn pngecut . Be strong Palestine ...we always pray for you n support you .

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By: admin, April 27, 2009


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