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kay GB Observer (15 seconds ago)

I dont think the percentages are right. All of my family and friend and so many other people have voted but i see palestine only gone up by 1 percent. I dont know why but i think this is a fake. Palestine will win. In sha allah our time is coming.

ACHILES MY Observer (1 minute 15 seconds ago)

Who kill the children in Palestine..? The muslim said israel kill them.. but the world said Hamas kill them.. Ofcourse they died because Hamas use them as a shield in the war.. Now think again.. Who kill them..?

syeda ruqhia IN Observer (2 minutes 59 seconds ago)

Israel shld b punished....ya allah plzz sace palestine frm the harmness of israel..ameen

DoICare? MY Observer (4 minutes 58 seconds ago)


zeeshan khan IN Observer (14 minutes 12 seconds ago)

Plz vote for palestine plz plz they are right for his religion plz save him plz pray gaza muslim plz vote for palestine

kama KE Observer (14 minutes 45 seconds ago)

I hate Isreal...God will punish them one day....Islam is the right religion..

iffa PK Observer (20 minutes 24 seconds ago)

Palestine will win ....the way the innocent children r being killed,adults brutally tortured ...israel you will burn in hell ..if not in this world ..but definitly in the hereafter ...amen

rul MY Observer (22 minutes 19 seconds ago)

israel is terrosit...

Faqwan MY Observer (25 minutes 55 seconds ago)

Are u sure Israel got so many vote??? I thinks the only country like Israel is USA. We hate Israel!!!

Faqwan MY Observer (26 minutes 37 seconds ago)

Are u sure Israel got so many vote??? I thinks the only country like Israel is USA. We hate Israel!!!

Shamz Observer (28 minutes 10 seconds ago)

Stats are rigged !

Shamz Observer (29 minutes 49 seconds ago)

STats are rigged !

slave MY Observer (31 minutes 30 seconds ago)

is that true my friend said if we vote for palestin.. they will give 3 vote for israel?? haaha.. in voting still wanna cheat.. are u scared??

faadi sajid SA Observer (32 minutes 47 seconds ago)

are u sure they are showing the stats right??? NOBODY except america likes israel....may Allah swt help us ameen

Mohammad Mohtashim IN Observer (40 minutes 9 seconds ago)

Free Palestine..!! you Israeli wait Allah will show you here who is right & who is not, we Muslims never bend infront of any one. You all know very well that Islam is only a religion which is spreading all over the very fast & your people are also accepting ISLAM bcz we are right our religion is true, soon you all see the whole world will accept ISLAM bcause ISLAM is only a solution for whole humanity. Wait wait wait wait..!!! Allah hu Akbar.!!

abdul rahim Observer (40 minutes 48 seconds ago)

Islam win.........plx plx vote for gaza

sharls MY Observer (45 minutes 5 seconds ago)

us is bullet... israhell is gun...and one day that thing will be jammed...belive me:)... free plastine and boicot all product from israhell dont forget us too

xiesya Observer (45 minutes 24 seconds ago)

we not talking about religion. we talk about humanity.. did u proud to kill children? to kill a family? we're not.. HUMANITY

Turkey TR Observer (45 minutes 47 seconds ago)

Palestine all the way

aslam MY Observer (47 minutes 39 seconds ago)

islam win win, allahuakbar. free palestine

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By: admin, April 27, 2009


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